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Second Opinion Medicine

The Second Opinion Medicine service was put in place by Return to Work SA as a clinical support service for doctors treating patients with a work related injuries. It gives GPs the opportunity to gain specialist advice at any time during the life of a claim.

Dr James Economos offers a Second Opinion Medicine service primarily to GPs and their Return to Work and motor vehicle accident patients, providing fast access to a second opinion with the purpose of providing input to the diagnosis, prognosis, treatment planning and/or approaches for supporting recovery and improving patient’s functional abilities.

Dr Economos has over 20 years of experience assessing and treating patients with work related and road traffic accident (RTA) injuries. He has a special interest in helping those with musculoskeletal disability associated with workplace claims or RTA claims. He aims to maximise function by ensuring accurate diagnosis, identifying, and addressing significant barriers to rehabilitation and working with the person, the treating team and employer to achieve a safe, sustainable return to rewarding work.

The Second Opinion Medicine service includes:

  • a consultation between the referred worker/patient and Dr Economos

  • initial telephone feedback to the worker/patient’s treating medical practitioner after the consultation

  • a short 1-2 page letter containing advice and recommendations for improving patient recovery and functioning sent solely to the referring doctor

A Second Opinion Medicine Service will not provide a medico-legal opinion or advice about claim liability. It is exclusively for the purpose of clinical treatment with the aim of attaining the best result for the worker/patient’s health.

Dr Economos works with the treating doctor and on completion of the consultation, will call and discuss diagnosis and treatment planning. He will also provide the treating doctor with a written summary of the consultation, addressing any questions or concerns they may have regarding the injury and outlining treatment recommendations.

Within the Second Opinion Medicine service, acceptance of the treatment recommendations, introduction of new treatment or arrangement of investigations will remain with the treating doctor. This allows for continuity of care for the patient.

Appointments are offered within 10 business days. Accelerated access to a specialist opinion for the treating doctor may assist in a faster recovery and a return to pre-injury level of health sooner and may also help prevent a delay in rehabilitation and the development of chronic conditions.

This service is available to any worker with an accepted claim. Workers or those with a RTA injury who are concerned about their condition, rehabilitation or treatment can speak to their GP or claims manager about accessing this service.

Workers, people injured in road accidents and treating doctors can request this voluntary service.  It can be facilitated by the claims manager involved, however the treating doctor must believe it to be necessary, be supportive of it and provide a referral.  Dr Economos is an approved provider of Second Opinion Medicines Services. It is a once off service, but ongoing management by Dr Economos can be requested later.  

This service is provided at Kent Town, Mount Barker, Seaford and Gawler.

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