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Patient Management

Dr Economos' main focus is helping people with musculoskeletal disability associated with workplace claims or road traffic accidents maximise function by ensuring accurate diagnosis, tailored treatment and, wherever possible, working with the person to achieve a safe, sustainable return to rewarding and good work.

He provides an urgent patient management service to GP's, orthopaedic/neurosurgeons and other referrers at Kent Town, Mount Barker and Seaford.

​Independent Medical Examination

An Independent Medical Examination (IME) can be arranged if your claims agent, representative or employer wants a comprehensive impartial expert opinion.  This requires a detailed history and  examination.  If needed, the person is entitled to bring a chaperone for the examination. 

The referrer normally wants an opinion about diagnosis, possible causes, further treatment, current and future capacity for work and prognosis.

Dr Economos is accredited to provide IMEs in SA, NSW and Victoria.  This service is provided at Kent Town, Mount Barker, Seaford and Gawler. 

Permanent Impairment and Injury Scale Value Assessments

Dr Economos is accredited to undertake PIAs and ISVs for injuries to the spine, upper or lower limbs at work or from road traffic accidents in SA and NSW.   For injuries at work in SA, the worker will choose the examiner from a list provided by the claims agent.

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